Eat like your ancestors. ™

Eat like your ancestors.

HARVESTLAND® Antibiotic-Free Chicken, Turkey and Pork are pure and simple, just like your ancestors would have eaten.

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CIRCA 1847

The first professional baseball game in 1847 was a total blowout (23 to 1). It was common at this time to throw tomatoes out of disgust, but we think they're better served in a dish of Tomato Chicken.



2 HARVESTLAND® Fresh Whole Chickens

2 slices of HARVESTLAND® Fully Cooked Uncured Ham, chopped

8-10 large tomatoes, whole

1 onion, sliced

bunch of pot herbs

1 small green pepper, chopped

6 blades of mace

1 tablespoonful lard or fresh butter rolled in flour

handful of grated breadcrumbs

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1. Cut up the chickens as for carving.

2. Put them into a stew pan with the ham, tomatoes, onion, herbs, green pepper, mace, lard or fresh butter rolled in flour and breadcrumbs.

3. Add ½ pint water.

4. Cover the pan tightly and let it stew slowly till the chickens are thoroughly done and the tomatoes are entirely dissolved.

5. Turn it out into a deep dish to serve.

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